“AR15 on a Budget” Build

This project is to build an “AR15 on a Budget” in a configuration I like, with parts that meet my criteria of quality, yet economical enough not to break the bank. Sure you can build an AR15 a lot cheaper than I have if you utilize used but still serviceable parts or settle for parts of lesser quality (my opinion), but I had an “Ideal AR15” in mind and set out to build it.

I really like Rock River Arms’ TASC Rifle configuration with the midlength handguards (pic above), but the cheapest I could find it for sale was $725 and that was “without” a muzzle device. I started shopping for parts and was able to match that configuration but “with” a muzzle device and saved myself about $100. That savings allowed me to purchase tools I felt I needed to build an AR15 and a few other little goodies I had my eye on. In retrospect, I could have saved the $40 I spent on tools and not bought them and still be able to build the rifle.

Follow along with me and experience all the trials and tribulations of this project. All the Shopping has been accomplished for this project, so stay tuned for what should be a fun & valuable learning experience. Check back often to follow my progress and for when the pages and topics to the left fill up with actual info!