“Texas Tactical 3-Gun” Carbine

Follow along as I build “The Right Arm Of The Free World”, into an ultimate 3-Gun Tactical Rifle. Dubbed the “Texas Tactical 3-Gun” Carbine, this project came about mainly because I rendered myself FN/FAL-less when I traded my coveted “Texas Jungle Carbine” for a Benelli M1 Tactical Super90 12 Gauge shotgun that came with all the bells and whistles needed for 3-Gun. The FN/FAL is easily adaptable to 3-Gun competition and is chambered in 7.62X51 which easily qualifies as “Major” per IPSC 3-Gun match rules and is required for “He-Man” type 3-Gun matches.

If you have never visited here before, you’ll find the bulk of how to build an FN/FAL rifle by going to the “Texas Jungle Carbine” page. We will reference back to them somewhat during this project, but will mainly document the unique modifications this particular FN/FAL Carbine will need for 3-Gun competition. The photo at the top gives you a glimpse of what I have in mind but is subject to adjustments as we dive into the world of 3-Gun competition. Not all modifications are readily noticeable but we’ll go into the individual mods with plenty of photos and text as the project progresses. Stay tuned for what I hope will be another valuable WECSOG learning experience for your enjoyment!!